Wednesday, July 26, 2006

all is semi-well --back to the daily routine. ben works until 6 in fremont and then goes to the farm. he has beans to load that must be hauled by the end of the month. i am reminded often of the value of my words. i can rip people down or build them up in seconds. recently, the kids and ben have been on the end of some pretty unkind remarks of mine. why do i resort to such horrible behavior only to have to go crawling on my knees back to my 2 year old and say sorry for losing my patience. very humbling. ben usually doesn't say much when i shred him usually his actions show that i have hurt him. if my words don't destroy this
marriage i don't know what will. i daily lay my mouth at the feet of Jesus (what words come out and what food goes in--problems #1 and 2). ironic how many of my most challenging battles on this
planet come from such a small portion of my body. anyway, can anyone relate?
i guess all could be worse--bens photos from lousiana are very telling of the trauma the people of the area have faced. check the mold and the water line on the walls.


Suzanne said...

Hi Sandy,

Sometimes I wonder if blogs are filling the need for confession in the Catholic church sense. Before Protestants split away, Christians were in the habit of sharing, as you just did, to another human being. There is a sense of accountability that comes from this as well as the value of just articulating one's convinction and remorse. Anyway, as Protestants, we don't have the churchly strucutre of confessing our sins, one to another, but in blogland we do.

Yes, I know, I'm weird.



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