Thursday, August 03, 2006

Seems like it has been awhile since I posted and I have nothing profound to share. Last saturday Ben's sister, Vickie, moved to Columbus so we took the opportunity to meet Ben at his sister's house after they moved her in and go to the water park. Jacque and Brock (sis and bil) and Andy and Kari (bro and sil) also went with us and the kids to the park. It was so fun to have the aunts and uncles there to play with the kids. We are so lucky that the kids have awesome aunts and uncles. It was very fun.
On sunday, Ben and the team that went to Lousiana did the worship service for church and that was neat to hear all that God did through them while they served him in New Orleans.
This week has been strange for 2 reasons:1-Camden is trucking with grandpa Mark. They have been to Kansas and are in Ohio as I write. He should be home sometime tomorrow. It is strange without him around. Miles and Makenna have played so well together. I miss his help!! 2-Ben has been going to work at 5am to beat the heat. He gets home at 3:30 or so and is exhausted so he tries to get a nap but sometimes that doesn't work out. He is tired but appreciates the opportunity to get work in before it gets super hot.
Anyway, the county fair is in town this week so lots to look forward to for the kids.


b smiles said...

Everytime I think about your family I have to laugh. God is so funny! Did He really fill your house like we all prayed, Sandy? I am blown away, since I have yet to see you in action with all four, I can't imagine it. I'm still mad at you for making me a phone junky, when I had been through detox already! Not really, I just want to call you right now.

Suzanne said...

Love the pics! Hoping to see you all live and in person next summer. :)