Friday, June 29, 2007

The last time I bathed this little man in the sink I wondered to myself is this the last time I will do this. I am not a big fan of the baby years and don't get overly emotional when my kids start school but the thought kid of struck me. As I was watching him play--which is the main reason I bathe him-- I wondered how many times I don't realize it is the last time I will do something with or for my children.
The other day I had the same feeling when my tall, shaggy haired, growing up, eight year old sat on my lap. I had to beg him but when he sat down he curled right up and I pondered that this may be the last time I get him to actually sit on my lap. Oh course, I didn't verbalize this to him because he would think that was very DUMB!
Both instances made me realize that I need to cherish each day,each hour, each minute. That is much easier said, than done, for me. I tend to be looking toward the future and wonder - will my kids marry, what field of work will they enter into, and long distance future stuff.
So today, I will choose to treasure each moment. Should be easier since two of the kids are gone for the day!!! HA!!

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Anonymous said...

Well said!! I almost started to cry when I read that you are sooooo right I take things like that for granite all the time.