Friday, August 31, 2007

Isn't he LOVELY? I can't get the picture rotated but maybe that is okay. Is this cause for concern? He is all boy and then he comes down the stairs in one of his sister's dresses. His father gets very concerned and I just pray it is a phase. The morning after he wore this little number he informed his brother, sister and I that he was going to have a baby when he grows up. We informed him that wasn't possible and his older brother (witty as he is) said, "Miles, the only way you can have a baby in your tummy is to cut one up and eat it." Now that may be troubling to you readers but they are young, they aren't going to start eating babies. It was just logic. Actually, I laughed out loud.

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Anonymous said...

No worries boys are just curious! Baby #4 is on the way.