Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I have intended to get our Christmas cards out for a few days now. Finally, this morning I started and mailed out 15, or so. Then I grew weary of keeping little fingers from grabbing the cards and the stamps and wanting to lick the envelopes, so I quit. If you are lucky enough to receive one in the mail - you should feel honored because the rest of our friends and family will suffer the Christmas season without mail in their mailbox from The Pearsons. (I honestly don't consider it suffering) So, here it is:

It was the month before Christmas and all I could hear,
Was crying and wailing “when will Santa be here”?
I prayed that my patience would last through the day,
Using all the tricks of parenting to help make the way.
The kids are obedient and usually cool,
While I dream of days when they can all use the stool.
Camden is eight and loves his football -
We all hope Bo Pelini was the right Husker call.*
Makenna is five “and a half” she would add,
She is the only girl and the boys make her mad.
Miles is nearing four and has energy to spare,
While napping is something he would rather not dare.
Mason is finally walking and climbing galore,
We were getting concerned he wouldn’t walk until age four.
Makenna is in school just three full days a week,
She loves it and is becoming much less meek.
Miles goes to two bible studies with Grandma and me,
Between the two mornings he has learned Jesus is key.
Camden enjoys school for PE and recess,
But the academics he would rather let rest.
Mason is 2 years in March and is well,
But pray for his heart to heal so the doctors can tell.**
God has richly blessed us with these,
We thank Him and even cry – Lord when do we breathe
Our anniversary has approached and 15 years we have shared,
We are so blessed by God on how we have fared.
We didn’t vacation because the kids are so small;
We decided to wait until they are all 36 inches tall.
Our summer was filled with the pool and ball games,
By next year we will have a new pool to claim fame.***
Farming was a priority this year for the boys,
Finally Miles can go to the farm and make noise.****
Between school, doctors, and dentists we find,
We have to work hard to find time to unwind.
The kids are always outside in the grass or in snow,
This year we had our first broken window.
If you want to know more about our whole year,
You can check our blog to get things more clear.*****
We hope you are well and relying on Jesus,
In these crazy times he can pick up the pieces.
From our house to yours, if you are far from our sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

*We were riveted to ESPN and local television sports as the AD was fired and then Head Coach Bill Callahan was fired. We anticipate great things next fall. Not qualifying for a bowl game really cuts short our college football season and makes for lots of unhappy Husker fans. We haven’t lost hope – GO BIG RED.
**We have known for over a year that Mason has a heart defect. The doctors were not overly concerned. When we went for our yearly checkup they found another problem. In simple terms, something that was supposed to close just after birth didn’t. The two problems have coupled together to have caused an enlarged chamber of his heart. The doctors think that if it doesn’t repair itself in the next 6 months then Mason may have to have surgery. We have confidence in the doctors and ultimately know that God is in control.
***The City of Oakland is building a new pool. Just wanted to be sure there was no tendency to believe that we were installing a pool. However, we do purchase one of those 5.99 plastic ones every year mostly to increase the mosquito population. (standing water –not good!)
****It is a rite of passage around here to be old enough to spend the whole day with Ben in the planter or the combine. Miles has finally arrived. That means I am usually left with just Makenna and Mason on Saturdays. (That is the equivalent of a mini-VACATION!)
*****Check it out at: www.hereandnow06.blogspot.com or email us at benandsandypearson@yahoo.com We would love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

i love your christmas update!
thanks you!
God bless your fam of 6, ok, you win!

:: Suzanne :: said...

Hi Sandy,

Is the thing that was supposed to close after birth a PFO like Jamie's?