Monday, February 04, 2008

In December, Ben surprised me with a weekend trip to Chicago for our anniversary. This past weekend was the weekend of the trip. We had a great time and did a pretty good job of taking it all in. We had the best pizza ever, went to a theatre to see "My Fair Lady", walked "the magnificent mile" where we loved the Apple store - Ipods and computers were available to sample, went to Niketown (all things Nike), and mostly we navigated the city public transit system with ease. It was a great time to refresh for the next 15 years!!! Hopefully, we will make it back soon.
We were destined to end up at this intersection!!
Our hotel is the short building in the middle of the picture with the row of lights at the top. On the near right is Donald Trumps new building!! The picture is taken off a bridge over the Chicago River. Our room overlooked the river!!


Rosa said...

Wow! How wonderful for you both!

Anonymous said...

i would love to see my fair lady, ben out did himself!
you need to enlarge the "pearson" street sign for your living room,
or some wall in your home, that would be an awesome piece of art.
love ya,

Becca said...

You lucky, lucky girl...