Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I finally figured it out!

I have blogged for quite a few months now and I have looked every time I posted for a spot to include a title. I had given up. My friend, Robin, has posted a total of 5 times and she has a title and I was jealous. So today I asked her how she got a title on her posts. Of course, she said there is a place right on the compose page for one. I came straight to my computer to find the TITLE prompt and I didn't have one. So being the sane, calm, figure-it-out type of girl I am --I went back to the beginning of my blogging days and went to the settings tab and wahlaa there it was ... Title default NO. I reset it to YES and today my friends I have a title and I am so happy. It really is the small things in life to make me happy. I do feel quite confident that having three children napping at the same time (which hasn't happened for months) helped me think clearly to solve this problem that has been plaguing me. It's the last week of school around here so let summer begin!!


:: Suzanne :: said...

Congrats! You are now a titled lady!

Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it. Rock on friend!!