Saturday, June 14, 2008

In Response

A friend of mine wrote the nicest blog entry for my birthday listing things she would give me if she could and I thought maybe a little background would be fun-I will let you in on why she wrote what she wrote:

1. A day of being Tammy Trent's backup singer.
Honestly, I would love to be on stage and no one has inspired me in my faith and realtionship with my husband like Tammy Trent has.
2. A day of dancing with Kevin Bacon- You gotta cut loose- footloose!!
Early on in our friendship I shared that I loved the movie Footloose - I haven't really lived that bit of trivia down among my friends. C'mon its based on the Bible -"a time for everything, a time for dancing". Maybe the movie took some liberties - call me crazy.
3. A day of reading- no interruptions
If I have a good book my kids actually have permission to watch TV and movies for hours. Go ahead call me a bad mom - I can take it.
4. A day of movies- continual- make sure you make good movie choices
My movie choices are generally good but over the winter months I made a bad decision when I left Ben to watch Transformers alone and skipped over to another movie across the hall - lets just say the movie was less than appropriate for any one to watch. Lesson learned.
5. A garden full of flowers that don't require any watering, weeding or work.
At the beginning of the summer my flowers and front porch look excellent but watering (remembering) is not on my list of priorities - every summer I vow to keep them looking good all summer! We'll see how this year goes.
6. I'd totally overhaul the" bonnie" so it would be a tripped up mom mobile.
Just before Camden was born we bought a 1987 Bonneville and we were so pleased with our purchase. We loved that car but when we had baby number 4 we needed to go bigger. We got a van and it took months before people recognized me coming down the road. Ben started to drive it to work and just this month it finally died. Felt like a little piece of us died with it.
7. World peace- We all want that
What can I say to that - my friend is a very big fan of U2 and Bono so I think she rides any bandwagon he is on and he is driving the peace wagon - so of course I want world peace as well.
8. I would transform into a complete sports nut- that way I could share and understand her excitement in that arena.
The I in the statment is my friend Robin and she has come so far - she could practically referee a basketball game after the last two trips to state basketball.
9. A bachelor that would end well with two good people looking for true love- not fame.
I watch The Bachelor - okay its out - I know it is shallow and lame but I do and I would like it if two nice people who loved Jesus would find each other get married and have babies. What platform they would have to share the plan God has for us.

Alrighty you know more about me now than you ever wanted. Have a most wonderful day - we spent the day outside and Ben is hopefully going to have all the crops in the field after today. Mason is well - a few bruises from the IV and where they inserted the catheters.

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