Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I wonder where I was...

As I sit and ponder how I will get through this day that holds nothing other than household chores and maintaining peace among the children, the thought entered my mind I wonder what I was doing 20 years ago today.

I'm sure my day was something like this:
6am rise to get to the field to ride the bean buggy. (a step above walking the beans)
I would listen to music and think about how I horribly hot it was and that I couldnt' wait to meet up with friends or maybe even Ben. Oh the days!
1pm get home to a meal cooked by Mom that she has spent time on because she is just like that and knows that I would be hungry from a long morning.
the rest of the afternoon would be filled with napping/going to the pool or whatever struck my fancy
By evening plans would have been made and because this is the first week in August we all went to the county fair in town. Maybe a concert at the fair or the demolition derby.
11p I would have made my way home and visit with Mom because she waited up to talk to us every night we were gone.
And that day was repeated throughout the summer in some similiar format.

Kinda makes me wish I was almost 20 instead of almost 40. Oh well, my days are still full and we do find time to nap and read and go to the pool but I don't spend much time doing whatever strikes my fancy. Someday that will come around again.

Can you read between the lines and feel the countdown to school starting in me! The kids are with me tooooo much right now. God will sustain me - I hope!

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