Sunday, September 14, 2008

A very long break...

On September 3rd I started a long term substitute teaching job at our local high school that will last 8 weeks. It is a blast and I love being with the kids. I am teaching 7th grade life science, 9th grade biology and seniors that are taking Advanced Biology. I do not know much about science and for the most part I don't really care to learn but I have learned a few things the last couple weeks:

1. It is much easier to be at school than it is to be at home. It seems like the real work starts at 4 when we all assemble back at home.
2. I have a huge respect for single parents - I could not make it without Ben. Just having a sounding board and another person to discipline the kids really helps. Any single parents reading ---know that I respect you.
3. Kids will ask you anything. I have been approached with some pretty crazy questions by the seniors!
4. Doing a long term sub job is very fun if you are working with a flexible yet very organized teacher. I am working for an awesome teacher that has helped make the first couple weeks go smoothly.
5. If you don't lay out my clothes and the kids clothes the night before, the morning WILL be a disaster.
6. I am reminded again that I love high schoolers - I love their humor and their wit and I can even tolerate their attitudes most of the time!
7. While I love being in the school, I am not sure that I would love teaching full time. We will see what happens when all our kids are in school.

I know there are more things to be learned and I hope that the kids are learning something from me - when it comes to science I am quite sure they are missing Mrs. Penke but maybe they can learn something outside of the science world.

Just an update: we had a very large oppossum on our back porch last week - NOTE: it was dead, and it was bloody and was decapitated! I don't think our dog did it. I suspect it was planted but my number one suspect recently approached me and led me to believe he didn't do it!!


Don Holmes said...

who is watching the gang - Margaret?

b smiles said...

I'm so glad you have this world to escape to! I miss high schoolers too. They are fresh and if you love them they adore you. Enjoy it while it lasts!