Monday, November 24, 2008

Its never to late...

to get back to the books. I got this little gift in the mail on Friday and I could not be more excited. I have no intentions of being a "pro" but to get good photos will be great. I spent a couple of hours reading this weekend and there will certainly be a learnig curve. The kids jumped and ran and smiled last night as I tooks pics to try to apply "what the book said". I have more photos to post so I will try to get back soon. We had a great weekend. Friday night we hosted a dinner for some of our closest friends. It was so relaxing to just visit - there were no kids so that really helps conversation flow.
Saturday I took Miles, Makenna and a friend of Makenna's to Disney on Ice. Wish I would have known how to run my new camera a bit better because the show was awesome.
Saturday night we watched the Texas Tech/Oklahoma game. Very disappointing. Ben was sick so he spent most of the time sleeping. He has the cough that I had for a month - poor guy.

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Suzanne said...

ohhhh - pretty. I look forward to the pics.