Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What is up...

We had a great weekend. Almost all the Christmas shopping is done and we even went to the Christmas movie showing at the Imax--the Light Before Christmas. We also went to the zoo saturday afternoon. The buildings were a bit fuller than we anticipated but it was nothing like it is in the summer. We took Mason without the stroller so he could just go at his own pace and we wouldn't lose him. Saturday night we watched football and the Creighton vs. Nebraska basketball game - Creighton lost so we were disappointed. Sunday I finished up the Christmas shopping and I spent yesterday afternoon wrapping gifts. Christmas shows are on most evenings now so the kids eat and put on jammies and settle in for whatever Christmas episode is available. Last night was the Grinch. I love it because they are quick to stay on task when there is a reward at the end of the night. I am subbing today and tomorrow so that is always fun. Hard to believe the countdown to Christmas is on. I will post pictures later - I am posting from school so I don't have any available to me right now.

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