Saturday, January 10, 2009

this kid

Miles, our third child, turns 5 today. I tried to recollect the day of his birth and I honestly don't recall much of it except that we were in the midst of trying to find and buy a house. I must have been a bit to consumed by circumstances.
I have a prayer list that is still attached to our bulletin board - it is from October 2003. This is what is says: Lord, I daily lay these things a t your feet and count on your provision and guidance in all circumstance. Prevent worry and control from entering my mind as I renew my thought daily toward these things. -New Baby on the way (Miles) - Andy's wedding (Ben's brother was getting married) - Camden's teeth and the surgery (he had to have major mouth work and that was financial burden) - Christmas (finances and family) - House - Grand Am (clutch) - Farm land - van (bigger vehicle anyway)

I prayed that list and prayer all the time and the Lord again showed himself as a loving Provider!

Back to the birthday boy- He is a joy and radiates fun. He is willing to set his own standard and be swayed by no one. He can pull of the craziest of things - he once wore cowboy boots with his football uniform to school and I didn't even think anything of it because he can hold his own. He has worn this crown since he got it Thursday afternoon at school. He even wore it to the basketball game he went to with my Mom and Camden last night. He is having his dream birthday. He spent the night in St. Paul with my brother and Camden and Mom last night and is staying all day today with Jim until Jim's team plays basketball again tonight. He got to go to practice this morning with Jim and the boys basketball team sang to him. Camden loved going to the practice also. They will be home late tonight so we can celebrate tomorrow.

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