Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have had a tree problem ever since we moved to town. Not real a tree problem, mostly just a branch problem. Every spring Ben and I would sit outside on our back deck and look at how over grown the tree had become. This spring we have done something about it..

It was overcast this morning when I took the before picture.

Ahhhhhh, now we can talk about how bare the tree looks and how we miss the shade it provided. It is great to have the trimming done - now for the clean up. Maybe we should tackle the Christmas lights as well. We were the first to have them up and now the last to take them down.


Suzanne said...

just thinking of loved ones and tree-trimming makes me antsy. Please tell you paid someone to come do it?

Anonymous said...

The fourth of July is just around the corner- leave the Christmas stars up and throw up some red and white bunting- you'll have the best looking house on the block