Tuesday, June 16, 2009

just when you think...

that your day is going to end smoothly you discover your daughter has cut her hair.  I was stunned.  I was ashamed of my response and I realized that I cared more about her hair that I thought.  Makenna was just starting to have a great head of hair, easy to put up and easy to care for.  Apparently, she didn't agree.  She never told me she wanted a haircut.  She just decided to give herself one.
I made her go upstairs to the bathroom and clean up her mess.  She was kind enough to bring it down to show me.  Doesn't look like much, but it is.
I love this picture----until she turns her head.
One side a pretty girl the other....Joe Dirt.
I made a quick call to a friend and she recovered the day.  She really likes it and I am getting used to it.  I am glad it is summer.


Anonymous said...

It's darling. I love it. Grandma

Robin said...

I love the wedge- it's a classic and she looks cute!! Rock On, Kenner!!

Suzanne said...

Juliana did this too, only she cut it to the scalp right in the middle of her forehead. There was no saving it. I admit, I flipped out.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't every little girl do this at some point?!! It turned out really cute!