Friday, August 28, 2009


The kids are really putting on lots of plays lately. They set all the chairs we have up in rows in the living area and find anyone they can to watch them. They spend most of their time setting up and not much time practicing so the play is sometimes short. I am fine with that.

Mason usually wears a costume.
Makenna IS the director and technical coordinator and stage hand and talent scout...
she even got Reagan in the action!!
Kiley was the talent find in this play and Mason is sporting one of is most common costume. Thats "Cool Santa Boone"!
Never intimidated by the crowd. What does all this play mean? It is really fun to watch the kids use their personalities to work together. Camden is usually involved but always behind the camera. Stop by for a show they are on the hour daily...unless school is in session.


Robin said...

I could use a good comedy.

s said...

oh and they specialize in comedy

b smiles said...

Could you get us some video feed? I won't be able to make the show at this juncture.

missy said...

my daughter noticed she and your mackenna have the same dress. :) we were born to be blog buddies!