Friday, September 04, 2009

Can it be..

We have been trying to train Mason to use the toilet for a month or so. Due to reasons beyond his control and ours, we only work on it for a few hours at a time. He would sit on the toilet for an allotted amount of time saying over and over, "it doesn't work!" and I assured him that it did. He has been told numerous times that if he wears a diaper he can't go in the combine and harvest is just around the corner. Even his brothers and sister talk frequently about the corn turning colors and getting ready to be harvested and that he can't go to the farm until his diapers are gone. It has truly been a family task.

Last night we sat him on the toilet before bed and told him he had to sit for 5 minutes. After about three minutes he shouted, "it works!!!" and the whole house erupted with joy! So we slept and began the task again this morning. He put on his underwear (which he is happy to tell you has pumpkins on it) and proceeded to inform me he had to pee (gross i know but joy to my ears) and he went to the toilet and "it worked". About 20minutes later he informed me he had to poo and he went to the toilet and "it worked again".

Mason quickly called Daddy and grandma and Jim to report his activities. My mom later told me she has been praying for him to use the toilet. Honestly, I hadn't really thought of praying for this situation but she did and we are reaping the benefits!!!

Here's to praying for more success for Mason's excretory system!!!


robin said...

Good Job Mason!! Have a happy harvest!!

b smiles said...

YAY FOR MASON! What a milestone! You should celebrate. Seriously. No diapers? Ever again? Wow. Awesome.