Thursday, September 17, 2009

where i am...

I spend most of my days trying to train, direct and love kids - sometimes other peoples but usually my own. The task is daunting. I recently shared this with a family friend and he said that the task is really never complete and we really are less than adequate. We really do need the Lord. I am learning this a lot. Ben is great at setting down the ground rules before we venture out - that is what you are seeing above. This was from our adventure two weekends ago to the football game. Notice Mason is no where to be found, probably because he is running in the street. That kid may just drive us to the brink!

Side note: I walked into Walmart with the two younger boys today and an older lady reminded me that the boys are a blessing from the Lord. Sometimes I get angry when people say that to me but this time I appreciated the reminder.


Robin said...

You kid are blessed to have you and Ben as parents- You have an awesome family. Oh, and I miss you, friend.

Don Holmes said...

Hi Sandy