Monday, October 05, 2009

Two pairs...

I have naturally divided my kids into the "big kids" and the "little kids". "Big kids" go to school all day every day and the "little kids" get to be with me. Miles and Mason (aka little kids) and I went to the pumpkin patch that we visit every fall. Makenna and Camden(aka big kids) were none to happy that we went without them. It was very fun to watch them play without the older kids instigating things. It was also nice that they were trying things that they wouldn't regularly do because the older kids make fun of "baby" stuff and then they don't want to do it. Miles and Mason have no desire to be branded babies!!
Mason getting some real air!
Miles and Mason were the only ones on the jumping pillows for about 40 minutes.

One of our favorite things is the antique apple peeler/corer they have - it does four at a time in about 5 seconds. Its like candy and the kids love it.
Miles enjoying the apple.

Enjoying the hayrack ride.

The tractors are always a hit. We don't have any of those around!
Mason was fascinated with the talking chickens. They told jokes and he didn't move.

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