Wednesday, December 23, 2009

its been awhile...

Ben is finished with harvest until March. Only an acre or so left but there is a huge snow drift that is keeping it from being harvested. Now is probably has a nice coat of ice on top. We are expecting some serious weather the next couple days. It is going to a Christmas spent at home which will be fun.
It just isn't right to harvest with the snow flying and Christmas carols on the radio.
That is Camden standing on the deck of the cab. HE thought the snow was the greatest addition to harvest. What kid wouldn't.
The night of the school Christmas program. Camden is using all his patience. Makenna is pushing him to the limit.
This photo would have made our christmas card if it would have been taken sooner.
Kenna all geared up to sing in the program. Not so sure about those bangs.
Makenna and one of her friends.
It has been a snowy couple of weeks. Mason and Miles standing to show the depth of the snow.
The best sledding spot we have is our driveway.
I could have edited the boogers out but it just wouldn't be Mason then. If it grosses you out - turn away.
Miles did a good job of staying bundled on this day. He is usually in quickly due to freezing fingers.
Today marked the last day of work for Ben this year. He is officially on vacation until the first of the year. He marked the occasion by stopping at the grocery store in Fremont before he came home. His list was about 15-18 items long and he spent 2 hours in the store. He stated that he is going to be exhausted when he gets home. I laughed.
Merry Christmas. May the love of Jesus fill your heart and home. Be safe.

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