Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have had a few comments from my handful of readers wondering about where I have been. I have been working nearly everyday and doing my best to maintain the household. I put a meal on the table last week every night. A good one - made me very proud. Makenna said she wants to eat together every night. It was confirmation that the time spent preparing and then waiting for Ben to come home was worth it.

I am reading Sarah Palin's book. I jumped off her bandwagon long ago but I am now right back on. I wish every politician would be able to give their perspective on controversial things and activities from their past prior to the media messing with our minds. She seems to be the real anti-politician that most long find refreshing.

Gotta run. (or go - I am not planning to run!)

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Anonymous said...

Don't they say "a family that eats together stays together". I'm proud of you plus you want to keep Makenna happy - if Makenna is happy much misery is eliminated. HA Love you - Mom