Saturday, April 17, 2010

A great week...

This past week has been great. It has been one great day after another. Monday started with a trip to district court. I was summoned to be a juror but after standing outside the courtroom waiting to be seated the lawyers settled. No one had to serve but the judge informed us that our presence caused the defendant to plead to the charge. I was more than happy to leave with my gas money and 40 bucks. I actually got the check yesterday.

Tuesday I subbed and had a great day. My Mom and brother watched the little kids so I walked to school with Camden and Makenna. Walking seems to give us a fresh start on the day. Wednesday was a field trip with the first graders to the circus. It was a blast. I 'm not sure who has more fun on those trips the parent sponsors or the kids. It is nice to connect with parents of my kids' classmates.

The highlight of my week was finally meeting my newest niece and first nephew!! Makenna and I along with a friend of mine and her daughter drove to Des Moines early in the morning and then were home by 5. It was a very quick trip but it was a joy to meet the kids. I am so inspired by my sister in law - she is amazing. She is calm and just very good at doing the next thing without panic.
Makenna and Peyton
Josie Andrew Makenna and Peyton
This may be the happiest I have ever seen this girl!!
Makenna and Andrew
Makenna and Peyton

When we got home from Des Moines my Dad and brother were working on installing our new basketball hoop. They are letting the cement dry and will finish the project next weekend. The kids are really anxious to use the new hoop.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with one of the most generous gifts I have ever received. About a dozen of my closest friends wrote notes of encouragement and then they presented me with a very generous gift card to a mall in Omaha. They told me to use the card to purchase new clothes as I lose weight. What an encouragement. Again, the love and encouragement from my friends is overwhelming. I couldn't get through this life without them. Well, maybe I could but it would be very hard.


Don Holmes said...

glad you had a great week.

Becky said...

Your photos even "look" happy!

The shots of your sweet Makenna are so good....technically too :) Looks like you are using your new lens well!

Love Cam's cutoff shirt and him working.

It was so great to see you at Target!