Thursday, June 24, 2010

The CWS...

Yesterday was a Top 10 day. Miles and I went to the College World Series in Omaha. We had a couple tickets fall into our laps at the last minute because a game was delayed overnight due to weather. So Miles and I headed to the ballpark of the afternoon game. Before we went to the afternoon game we bought tickets for the evening game. The afternoon game was fun. Not many people there and we could walk around and check out the lay of the land and Miles could walk way down to the field and way up the "cheap" seats. He loved it. Following the first game we had to exit and return to line to get in for the evening game.
We got the the front of the line and had the wrong tickets! The lady at the box office had given me old tickets!!! We busted over the to the box office and thankfully the lady was still there and remembered me. She stated she had made a mistake and left her office for a couple minutes. She returned with some new tickets. We ended up just 9 rows up from the Florida State duggout, in the heart of FSU fans! We decided to cheer for the 'Noles right away. (We were originally for the TCU Horned Frogs.) Anyway, the FSU fans were a delight to sit with until the 8th inning when TCU scored 8 runs. A grand slam kinda lit the fuse for TCU. A little boy was crying behind us and it ripped my heart out. (most people we were around wanted to cry but apparently didn't find it acceptable behavior.)
At any rate, I got to spend an awesome day with Miles. I have spent many a day with Camden and Makenna like that but Miles hasn't had the chance so he loved it also. I am so thankful for the memories we made!
We are hopeful that he gives up his new love for the 'Noles. Those fans kinda won his heart. He woke up this morning saying, "F- L- O- R- I- D- A- S- T- A- T- E, florida state, florida state, florida state, Wooooo!"

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