Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A renewed committment...

School has started and we are in the groove of things around here. Since it is September 1st I am setting some new goals. I heard once that it is best to write them down so here they are: blog daily (even if it is just a quick picture), continue to have supper prepared prior to the kids coming home from school, exercise daily (a walk to the library counts), get in the Word (I need it and crave it but for some reason I set it aside).

I want to be a better mom and wife but putting that on the list is just way over committing so I will just keep those to myself...did I just type that. I am only putting things on the list that I can measure - I can't really measure how good of a mom or wife I am on a daily basis. I think I am doing fine but the kids and Ben may say differently.

I get to spend lots of time alone with this kid. He is very energetic and very disobedient. He is definitely a work in progress. Just like all of us I guess.

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