Sunday, January 02, 2011


on the same hill that I slid on as a kid. It was unseasonably warm last wednesday and thursday and the kids went up to the hill by themselves. Ben, Makenna and I went up later to photograph the activity.
That snow is gone but new has come. The kids are there as I type trying out the new snow. It is much colder today so they may not last as long.
I love the look on their faces in this one.
That is our church in the background. The slopes out front of the church are much more suitable for Mason. Mason doesn't do the big hill that Miles and Camden are doing here.
Miles takes a spill and the sled goes flying.

Makenna had to get a bit closer with her camera.

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Kris said...

Our best sledding hill is outside a Catholic church, too funny your's is outside a church too! I hope the snow lasts for a lot more fun!!