Saturday, March 19, 2011


Just for the record I do not post in chronological order. Wrestling was months ago, the kids were sick after that and we filled out our brackets in the last 4 days. I took theses pictures of Makenna and Mason who were both fighting strep at the same time about 3 weeks ago. I loved how they had compassion for each other. I loved it because by the 3rd day I was lacking in the compassion department.

UPDATE: Camden got 28 of the 32 games in the first round of his bracket correct. He is far ahead while Mason only got 6 right.

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Kris said...

I lack compassion over coughs! The cough that wakes you up all through the night kills me. I must say, strep is my sickness of choice - diagnosis, drugs, not contagious in 24 hours, better relatively fast. Hope everyone is healthy now! I love SPRING!! Open the doors and windows, get rid of those germs.