Monday, May 14, 2012


It has been months since posting. There is a teenager in the house. We are farming just a bit more land. Planting was finished in record time. We had no snow days this school year.  In one week the kids will be out for the summer. Ben is 40!  We bought a very used camper.  We have 3 kids playing ball this summer.  We have a new pastor at our church. My thoughts for unbelievers is at the front of my mind often.

Some things are the same though.  I hate shoes spread all over the floor.  I think they multiply overnight.  I waste lots of time on TV.  I have great friends.  Ben and I are slowly creeping toward our 20 year anniversary.  The kids are mostly a joy, sometimes not.  I still want to pack it all up and move somewhere.  God is on the throne and sovereign above all.  Praise the Lord.

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