Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's been awhile so I will just start with the recent past. This morning at 3am Camden awoke with an inability to breathe. Scary to say the least. Ben jumped out of bed when he heard him barking/swallowing and exhaling little. It in my slumber I thought he was throwing up until I heard Ben ask if he was breathing. Apparently Camden couldn't respond because then I heard him say, "just shake your head if you can't breathe". They went straight to the hospital (just 1/2 block away) and within just a few minutes the dr. was there to treat him. They gave him some steroids and breathing treatments and within the hour he was much better. They admitted him and he got to come home later this morning. He is doing well and will go to school tomorrow barring any other crazy stuff happens in the night.
Anyway, all is well here Mason is up to over 17 pounds and is jolly most of the time. Miles and Makenna have a love/hate relationship. They are either terrorizing each other or playing beautifully. You understand which I prefer I'm sure!!!
Had visit from a friend last week. She came to spend the night with her 5 children (between ages 1-9). Wow~~we didn't get to visit much but the kids had a ball together.
Ben is preparing for harvest and just recently admitted he is getting a little anxious. As if they won't get the crops out--he worries every year and every year the crops get out.
I will close with the words of a wise friend--"life is not meant to be comfortable" and if that is the case our lives are a success. Keep reaching for the Almighty--he holds us in his hands--now that is comfort!!

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