Friday, October 27, 2006

**Just a couple photos from the archives**

No school today for Camden or Makenna so we took off for another trip to the pumpkin patch and had a wonderful time. Before we left we all went to the medical clinic and got our flu shots. All went well. Ben is the only one left get his shot. (back to the pumpkin trip) This time Grandma came with us. I didn't take the camera but, of course, wish I would have. We did get some video and Ben will enjoy watching that with the kids. We were home for just a few hours and then we took Camden to the field with Ben. They are getting a good start on the corn harvest and hopefully the finish line will be before Thanksgiving. (shouldn't be hard to accomplish but you never know) This fall I have new insight into the whole harvest and what goes through Ben's mind while he is working. This summer Ben put 2-way radios in all the farm vehicles and one here at home so I can hear all the farm banter between Ben and his dad or whoever is out working with him. Sometimes it drives me crazy and sometimes it is good for me to hear what is going on. Camden has been pretty good to report the breakdowns and other comings and goings. Makenna enjoys being able to talk to her dad at any given moment and Miles hasn't mastered holding in the button the whole time he is speaking. Usually Ben just spends his time instructing Miles on how to handle the speaker. He'll have it down before the snow flies though, I'm sure.

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