Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Halloween has never been one of my favorite days of the year but the kids are really starting to have fun. We trick or treated with some friends and then ate chicken noodle soup and candy for a hard earned meal. Also included are some harvest photos. We are nearing the end--should be done with corn by the end of the weekend. Yeah!! This fall has marked Miles' debut at farming. He has taken well to the hours in the combine and can speak of nothing else. When he isn't at the farm he is pretending "farmer" here at home.

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James Morem said...

Hey Ben and Sandy,
Looks like you guys are busy with the harvest work! Erika sent me a copy of this and I thought the picture on the kids on the combine was very cool. I'm sure Erika has told you how my son is a John Deere FANATIC! That is pretty much all he plays with and only watches his 4 John Deere dvd's. We try to take him to the dealer once a month. I told Erika I would love to go back and see you guys next year. I miss Nebraska alot. I am tired of all the people and traffic here. Wish I could have stayed, but I'm sure it was in God's plan. I do need to have Ben get me workin on a tractor. I'd love it! -James