Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wow lots to say and lots of pics to share but who knows how far I will get before my thoughts and efforts to post are interrupted by one of the children. So here goes. It's been awhile. Last Thursday three of the children threw up with in an hour and a half so that was eventful. I did find comfort in knowing that they all had the bug and it wouldn't last all month going through each child. ByFriday they were all well but I didn't feel comfortable sending Camden back to school to share our germs so he stayed home. By 10 o'clock it was apparent that all were well because the fighting had begun. No more laying around watching movies so we went to the pumpkin patch. It was a great time. All four of the kids were obedient and I couldn't of been prouder. We played and played.

Two weeks ago there was a car accident and 3 young boys from our community were killed. I have to say the whole town kind of had a cloud hanging over it. The pace was slow and people just kind of seemed to be going through the motions. One of the boys attended our church youth group regularly and recently (6 months ago) had accepted Jesus. His funeral was at our church on a saturday morning and the place was packed. I had the opportunity of working in the kitchen to serve the meal following the service. It was fun to serve the community in this way. I always love working in the church kitchen because it is a great way to get to know people a little better. We laughed a lot. Following the service Makenna and I went to Fremont to help some friends get their house prepared to move into. Dale and Becca are returning to Fremont. Becca is one of those friends that even though miles separated us we maintained our relationship. She spurs me on to study the Word and I so appreciate it. She inspires me--as a believer, as a mother, as a wife--in lots of ways. They will move in this weekend. Yeah!!!

Okay Mason is crying --better pay him some attention. Ben and Camden will be rolling in anytime now ---They just finished combining beans tonight. Praise the Lord for the harvest!!!!

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Anonymous said...

your kids are precious!
don't you love back to back barfs?
get some pics of farmer ben and camden, we wanna see some real farmin'!
love from your friends in the great n.w.
happy fall~e