Thursday, December 21, 2006

christmas greetings to all!! the truth is-it's four days until christmas and no christmas cards have been sent, most of the gift wrapping still needs to be done, but I am okay with all of it. it will get done! I had such high expectations of all the fun things we were going to do and only a couple were accomplished. we did make countdown to christmas tree and decorate sugar cookies. frankly, the kids aren't dissappointed - so all is well. i will spend most of the weekend working at the toy store which will be great because the mall is abuzz with life for christmas. we will spend christmas eve at ben's grandma's (a tradition)and then have some family time christmas morning before we head to lincoln to be with my aunt carol and uncle dennis and all my cousins and their kids will be there. it will be a blast and kids will be abundant!!
our thoughts, of course, will be with my uncle don and his family as they will spend christmas in a hospital room. my uncle don (moms bro) had an accident while cutting down a tree. he was hit in the back and is paralyzed from the waist down. his spirits (from all we have heard) are high. keep him and my aunt barb in your prayers during this healing/transition time.
lots to be thankful for this christmas time - i am so struck by the pleasures/abundance we have just because we live in the US.
Here's a recap of everyone-
Ben - (his recap is the same every year) same job, same church roll, still loves to play in the dirt. this year he added an employee (Miles)
Camden - first grade, not really into school but loves recess and PE. started taking piano lessons and, as stated earlier, has become the foreman on the farm. He loves showing Miles the ropes. my dad built a wooden playground in the backyard this spring and he loves to play on it. he did help with the construction also.
Makenna - started preschool this year and she loves it, her teacher often tells me that Makenna offers to help or "manage" the class if she gets in a pickle. she can get her dad to do most anything for her. just the other night he came down the steps and was smiling from ear to ear because he was watching her sleep. "shes so small and looks so cute when she is sleeping" he said. I agreed that she is much cuter when she sleeps because she isn't talking. haha
Miles - will be 3 Jan 10. he is the entertainer. he will sing for you, hug you or just make you laugh. he is the one that keeps things ticking around here. he is a fighter (mostly with makenna) but he says, "i love you" more than anyone. he started sunday school this year and doesn't really like it. he is more stubborn than the older kids but he is learning. he is outside all the time pulling a wagon or a rake. he can put a coat and boots on faster than anyone.
Mason - is 9 months and is sitting up and starting to really be a part of the family. the older kids love him and kiss and play with him all the time. he will never have a sense of space because someone is always in his. he had a crazy first few months - week in the hospital for pneumonia, a few trips to the hospital for breathing issues but seems to be out growing his problems.
Me - i am the mother of four kids, wife of one husband and this is my final vow. the highlight of my year was having "the surgery" to ensure that our family will not grow. now that may seem inappropriate to share but if you knew how crazy it was around this house most days you would understand why it was such a highlight!! i am subbing still and love every minute of it, the toy store job during the holidays has been great also.
I must get to the children - they are all hungry and mason is in his crib crying. Merry Christmas.


becky said...

love reading the recap of your family's year. hope you had a great Christmas!

b smiles said...

Listen, I'm gonna have to remove you from my links list if you are going to neglect to keep us informed here. Seriously. WRITE SOMETHING! ANYTHING! That's what I do! TAAA HA HA HA hahaha.