Monday, March 26, 2007

Due to the prodding of a friend - I must post or our friendship may dissolve. I wonder how a friendship can actually be based on the number of blog posts but apparently it is feasible. This friend, who shall remain nameless, is a writer and therefore, believes all should write - a lot. Anyway, my life is floating by and spring has sprung. Spring is a good thing - if you like to give kids baths. Spring is also a good thing if you like your kids to be tired. Bedtime is easier and peaceful when they are clean and exhausted from being outside.
Our home has also been struck by March Madness - basketball fever. The Oakland-Craig Knights started it by making it to the finals of the state bball tournament. That was a blast. Now we are finishing the month with NCAA basketball.
I just stepped out the back door and realize there is much to be done in our yard and Miles and I are on the job. Gotta run. (now i am frustrated - I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to upload some pics but can't get it to work) oh well, have a great day.


b smiles said...

Thank you.

e said...

i was loking and looking for you to write something as well!!! since the holidays.
i love to read about you and your kiddos, makes me feel like i still know ya! :0)
miss you friend, erika

Dave Richards said...

Hey, thats nice. Nice to express yourself through blogs.keep blogging and do stop by my Friendship Blog sometime.Cheers.

Suzanne said...

YEAH! I missed you.

Thank you so much for the books - what a lovely and fun surprise in our mailbox!