Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Mason!! It was just one year ago today the fourth of our children came to live on planet Earth. I can't imagine our family without him. We seem complete now. The even number of kids really works for us. I would say that each month we become more streamlined and organized. I was just cleaning out the shoe closet and realized just how many feet there are around here. Amazing!!!
Cleaning - now there is a topic I would rather not approach but I will. To be honest I don't even think I know how to properly clean this house. My best tactic is to just find a big black trash bag and start throwing it all out. I feel most accomplished when the dump pile is high. Then there are the toilets to clean and sheets to wash and drawers to go through. I remember my Grandma Holmes cleaning out drawers all the time. I never really understood that until the recent past. You have to go through the stuff or it will keep mounting. Makenna has an impossible amount of clothes. She gets handed down clothes all the time from friends' kids. I cleaned out her dresser the other day and found winter clothes that she didn't wear all last season. Oh well, pass them on to someone else.

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becky said...

happy birthday to mason...a little late! woohoo-glad to see you are posting again. i kept checking :)