Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I have become a creature of a new habit. Let me tell you how a typical morning goes in our house - an asterisk indicates the new habit.
6:20 am - alarm goes off, ben growls and shuts it off.
6:33 am - alarm goes off, ben growls and arises.
6:40 am - Mason begins to cry because Camden (who shares a room with Mason) has followed his dad downstairs to catch a quick conversation before Ben leaves.
6:47 am - I get Mason we saunter downstairs, I feed mason a bottle and Camden gets me the newspaper. I read the newspaper while Camden lays on the couch barely awake.
6:58 am - Ben walks around looking for something he has misplaced. sometimes he finds it sometimes he doesn't.
7:00 am - Ben is out the door and I have completed scanning the newspaper and I hustle to *check a few blogs* and read some email. Here is where my day can really stall. If I don't spend more that 10 minutes I am fine otherwise the whole day is a disaster because then the follwoing doesn't occure in orderly fashion.
7:15 am - Camden works on spelling, eats, dresses, brushes, sometimes practices piano, and is out the door by
8 am - by this time Makenna and sometimes Miles are awake and ready to start their day.

The rest of the day ebbs and flows in a variety of activities but the reason I share this is because I have recently learned the value and importance of the first few hours of my day. If I don't get on track right away - the whole day is a disaster. Some days I get it right and some days I don't!!

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