Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have shared my little known secret obsession with reading blogs so I thought it would be lovely to share the ones I read daily. I don't know how to link to them so I will just jot them for you to copy and paste to the address line. Enjoy! - I have known Becky for years and love viewing her pictures and her comings and goings are fun because I am familiar with the people in her life. - Becca is one of my most treasured friends. She is a writer. She doesn't blog often but when she does it is worth the read. -I don't know the author of this blog from Adam but I never miss a post. She makes me smile nearly every day. - My cousin does an excellent job of detailing her life - she and her husband have recently adopted two children from Russia so her posts usually reflect that.

So there you go - now you know what I do for at least 15 minutes of every day!!


:: Suzanne :: said...


Love the new look of your blog.

The Olympics are in our part of the world in 2010 - you should come!

Did I ever thank you for the books? So many things get forgotten these days. We LOVE the books. That was such a fun surprise.

I'll try to be very boring on my blog so I don't stall your day.

You can go to for a free and easy way to add links. Or you can use the Link List in the Blogger template

click Customize
click Page Elements (you did these two when you did your meme)
click add new element.
click link list.
fill in from there.

I gave up on posting pics directly to Blogger. I think they crashed in on purpose so we would all have to use Picasa, which works beautifully and is free.



Anonymous said...

i've been waiting to hear you write.
i love keeping up on daily life w/ my cuz as well.
now i can with you too.
i cannot believe we both read conf. of a pioneer. of course, we are sistas.