Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lots of things rolling around in my head this morning.

I said goodbye to a dear friend as she embarks on a new journey with her family. I am not sad just feel a little lost. She is one of only a few people that can straighten me when I need to be straightened and does it in the most loving of ways. They will leave Nebraska for California tomorrow. She, her husband, and their five children will embark on the road trip of a lifetime. Many a prayer will be said for them - they have touched lives here in Nebraska.

I have a cousin that blogs regularly and it has been a true joy to get to know her deeper through this medium. I have never lived near her and frankly we have never spent much time together. A few long weekends over the years don't really lend themselves to building relationships. She and her husband have adopted two children in the past year and it has been wonderful to follow their travels, challenges, and joys of parenting. I enjoy her because she tries and does with success lots of things. She is a writer, baker, teacher, house bunny trainer, goat trainer, gardener, canner, and tons of other awesome things. I would love to live closer to her some day. I was reading her blog and saw that she had tagged me.

Okay, I started this blog only to post photos and tell of our comings and goings never did I think I was going to have to know lingo and be able to link and do all the other technical things that 'real' bloggers do. I know that being tagged is not techinical but having to tag and link others really overwhelms me. I need Suzanne to sit next to me and give me a quick tutorial on how to do all the stuff that would make me a real blogger. At any rate, I will continue to post and tell the randomness of my heart.

Makenna is five now. Yesterday was her birthday and we went to Sioux City with three of her friends and did "Build a Bear" in the mall. It was loads of fun. I did learn that Makenna is really influenced by her brothers. The girls that were with us do not have older siblings and only one has a brother. Makenna started to speak "pirate talk" and the girls looked at her like she had four eyes. She said, "ahoy, me harteys" and "ahoy mateys"! What would she be like without the example of her brothers? - we will never know.

Ben finished planting on Monday and we are so happy. He needs to spray and get stuff put away but the pressure of planting is off and we can tell in his attitude. (sad but true)

Oh yeah, my friend and her family going to California will have a dog in the car also. Sounds like a blast!!!

Have a great day friends. Leave a comment. Love hearing from you.

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:: Suzanne :: said...

I love the Makenna story. I was that kind of little girl too.

I'm glad my tag got you to post. Thanks for all your kind words -- I'm going to come back and read your post whenever I have a tough day. :)

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