Friday, June 01, 2007

I learned something new today. My kids love lists. This morning I made a list of all the things Camden had to do today. Here it is:
-Take the trash out
-Mow the lawn
-bring the easel up from the basement
-put the snack for bible school in the van

He rushed through the list without even complaing. We, of course, took time to cross everything off in dramatic fashion. He felt good, the work got done, and I was proud of him. He may have a list each day - we'll see how that goes.

When Makenna saw that Camden had a list she wanted one as well. Here was her list:
-take towels up to the bathroom
-clean off the steps
-try on new swimming suit
-put old swimming suits in garage sale pile
-pick up toys under the kitchen table.

She rifled right through her list which had pictures drawn next to the task to help her remember what she needed to do. It was a joy to see them working with great attitudes.

The really funny part happened when, after we had crossed off all their completed tasks, I was going to throw away the list. They insisted we keep the list to show grandma and daddy what they had accomplished today. Okay, whatever makes you feel good. I may just start to keep my lists and show daddy to.

The Swedish Festival starts today so Oakland will be hopping this weekend. It really is a fun weekend with all sorts of fun things for the family to do. There is a community play and choir and tons of special events and .... fireworks.


Anonymous said...

WOW, i would love to go to such a cultural festival.
how nice its so local!

lists are great for a few years.
emma loathes them, em doesn't like when you tell her to do something, on her time schedule , i guess ;)
wonder where she gets that?

Anonymous said...

opps, that comment was from your pal in the great n.w.

:: Suzanne :: said...

I feel dreadful for having to ask - how old are your kids these days?

becky said...

my kids loved lists when they were young too! but hated them as they got older :)