Friday, June 15, 2007

I learned something very disturbing about myself last night. It was Camden's first baseball tournament and it is the first time we have actually used a scoreboard. I realized the scoreboard is the devil and I am more competetive that I would like to recognize. Wow! We lost both games. The second in the bottom of the inning and I was frustrated. I didn't show Camden my frustration with losing because he wasn't as disappointed as I was. He wanted to win but he wasn't going to let it ruin his night. Anyway, I have a long road ahead of me - I must learn to contain my nerves and my emotions when it comes to almighty competition.

Camden's night ended better than he could of even imagined. When we got home from the games Ben told him to go into the garage and see what he had bought for him. Camden was elated to see his very own John Deere push mower. He is thrilled and can't wait to mow. Ben needs to give him a quick tutorial on how it runs. It has an electric start and is self-propelled. Camden is in heaven!!! I'm sure he can mow better than any other 8 year old in town. (but it doesn't matter who is the best, does it? is it bad to take competition to every level of life?)

have a great weekend. we were going to play baseball but now we just get to mow the lawn. ha ha ha ha

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Anonymous said...

ok, i really didn't know there was another kid out there that loved j.deere as much as dane.
at 3 he lives to push my dads john deere mower.
i cannot believe camden got one, thats the bomb, i tell ya!

i watch emma race her quarter midget(small sprint car) and i feel like my heart is going to pop outta my chest, i get so worked up!
totally can relate to that as well.
love ya,