Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last week I actually turned 26, I mean 36. This does not disturb me or cause me to get hives or even make me want to lie. I know why. As long as I have small children I won't be 'old'. Think about it 20 year olds have infants, so do I. I am one of them. 30 really is the new 20. I have learned a few things in the last 36 years. I know the following 25 statements are true.
1. When you eat to much you gain weight.
2. When you have four kids you will get gray hair. (it is true for me, maybe not for you)
3. Potty training children is not the same for each child.
4. A comfortable bed is the secret to good rest.
5. Marriage is worth all the hard work.
6. Jesus loves me when I am unlovable. (notice this comes after the marriage statement)
7. Oakland, Nebraska is a great place to live.
8. Church is just the gathering place.
9. People are the church.
10.A good book is a great find.
11.I do not get hung up on the price for a gallon of gas. It isn't worth it.
12.A good husband is hard to find. (glad I found one)
13.Kids are born sinners. (just like me)
14.Going out with 'the girls' is good for my attitude.
15.Substitute teaching is an art. (that I haven't quite mastered, getting there)
16.Encouraging someone to stick with Jesus is inspiring.
17.Driving with the music cranked is awesome and kids dig it.
18.Bread and water for supper will really stop kids in their tracks.
19.Work is very good for me. Completing a task really fires me up.
20.I don't like to work.
21.Extended family is important for the well-being of any family.
22.Garage sales are a boost to a household. (decluttering always helps)
23.A good babysitter is a giant treasure.
24.Capturing a good photo of one of our kids makes me smile.
25.I have four awesome kids. (that can drive me crazy or make me smile, at will)
26.Moving is a huge task but well worth it.
27.Leading a child to the Lord is an awesome responsiblity/reward.
28.Following Jesus will never disappoint.
29.My life is good.
30.Jesus died for all those who choose to accept him.

Okay there were 5 extra and wow I think I could go on but want to get this posted. We are off to our first baseball tournament of the season. Should be a blast.


:: Suzanne :: said...

I enjoyed your list. I've found #18 to be very effective also.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I hope the baseball tournament went well.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't have said all 30 any better!
cheers to the 30's~
i mean the new 20's...