Thursday, June 05, 2008

Could it be...

that I am actually 37 years. Wow the years are speeding up but I can honestly say that the adult years of my life (the ones I have somewhat controlled) would not be changed if I had the chance. Every year I try to evaluate the year before... here's what I know this year:

things don't matter, relationships do....marriage is worth the effort....children are worth the effort as well....things worth while take time and is important and valuing it is more important....doing one load of wash a day means you will never catch up...seeing children worship their Lord is inspiring...letting people help you doesn't mean you are a want time with that play together stay together....and on and on and on. Enjoy your day --I will cherish the day the Lord has made.


:: Suzanne :: said...

Happy Birthday!

You are much wiser at 37 than I was.



bnovacek said...

shoot-i missed your birthday! happy belated! love your attitude! and you are so right about what matters :)