Sunday, June 08, 2008

A buffet...

for the small insects that are making their way into our home. We had Vacation Bible School this week and I didn't sweep the kitchen floor until yesterday morning (sat.). When I swept up the pile I learned that even a fork is provided in the grotesque buffet for small spiders and ants. Please reserve any critique of my buffet - it can't be corrected any time soon. Check back next week for changes in the menu. This week: cocoa puffs, cheerios, chips, gummi bears, green beans, small grains of sand, a reciept for the buffet purchase, and a fork and 2 straws to top it all off. (It is either laugh at this or cry at my lack of desire to clean)
I am off to a overnight outing with girlfriends tonight. We are staying downtown Omaha and have intentions of making tons of memories and chatting til the wee hours. After the cleaning I did yesterday and a week of Bible School I think the evening away is well deserved. Thankfully my husband agrees.

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Emma or The Morem 5 said...

okay sandy that is soooo rank! hey, high five sister, it happens at the morems house too!