Saturday, July 26, 2008


I enjoy logging on to blogs and seeing new posts - I will quickly post some photos. Today will be busy, as Ben's sister is getting married and the festivities start early this afternoon. Should be a fun day.

Makenna's birthday was in May and this flag cake was her choice.
Mason never is without a push toy when he is outside. It is ususally this grocery cart or a baby stroller.
A little bit of pretty from our front porch. With the scorching heat the pretties won't last long.
Makenna, Mason and Miles helping at Grandma GG's in her garden.
Enjoy your day.

I just noticed Camden is not in any photos - he is becoming a master of avoiding the camera. I think this comes with age.

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b smiles said...

These photos make me sad. I can't believe I have missed out on all this growing they've been doing! I don't think I'd recognize them if I saw them in the grocery store... sniff...