Friday, July 25, 2008

Worker men...

My kids have played worker man every waking moment this week. My dad gave them all yellow hard hats (from his work) and they have been hard at it all week. They put on their work jeans, tshirts, boots and hats and they are off to our backyard. They are working at spreading the gravel around our wooden playset that my dad built in the yard two summers ago. Never to soon to complete a project. The pile of gravel is slowly leveling. It has been a dream having them all work/play together for hours at a time. They are very good at including Mason - so I get to be alone in the house. I honestly didn't think the day would come that they would actually play without me beside them. I need to take some pics of their activity. While they are out playing I must get something accomplished inside. Have a most wonderful day.

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:: Suzanne :: said...

No No. Don't get anything accomplished. Just be. Enjoy the stillness. Enjoy your solitude. You can get things accomplished when they kids go off to college.

Although, were you to take one pic and post it, I think that would be okay.