Sunday, July 06, 2008

Here we go...

It feels like we are creeking up a gigantic roller coaster. Each hour is another click toward wheeling our baby away to surgery. Honestly, I dread the moment they take him away from us. It will be difficult until we see him again but we know he is in the hands of a very loving Savior. My cousin-in-law was looking at his name in the gift album from our friends and said "do you notice anything when you look at Mason's name?" I said, "no". She said when I glance at it, I see, "Myson". That was very comforting to remember that we have only been entrusted Mason by his Father in Heaven.

So tomorrow morning the roller coaster will reach the peak and we will put up our hands and let go of our grip on Mason and trust the Master Surgeon!!


:: Suzanne :: said...

Thinking of you . . . praying for you . . . thinking of you . . . all day today . . . all day on Monday.



Emma or The Morem 5 said...

i am praying for your sweet handsome son.
rest in Jesus' grace and love.

Brent Butte said...

Sandy, we prayed for you and Ben last night before bed and we're praying for you today. We want you to know that you are being brought before our caring Savior. He will keep you in his perfect peace. - Brent