Monday, July 07, 2008

God is good

Mason's surgery is nearing completion right now. The nurse came to the waiting room and informed us that all went well and they are going to observe and make sure all is functioning properly for the next hour and then they will close him up. He will have lots of tubes and wires when we see him next but thankfully they are planning to take the tube from his mouth so he won't be fighting with that when we see him. God is showing himself very evident!! Thanks for your prayers. The concern now is infection and heart regularity (because it was shut off for a bit). I will update later tonight hopefully.

Your comments and phone calls are an encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Sandy, I continue to pray for all of you, and will be glad when you are all home, healthy and happy.
Hang in there. Your laid-back, relaxed, easy-going nature is exactly what Mason will need when he wakes up to see you.

:: Suzanne :: said...

Praise the Lord! You've been on my heart all morning. Thank you so much for the update and news.

What a blessing that the tube will be out.



Kate & Terry said...

Pearson Family:

We are so thankful that Mason's surgery went well. Your entire family is in our thoughts & prayers today. Give us a call if you need anything---I'll even let Terry talk farming with Ben for an unlimited amount of time!!! LOL GOD is GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!We are still praying for him and his quick recovery.