Thursday, July 10, 2008


This was taken the at 5am the day of the surgery - felt horrible keeping the reality of the situation from him. Yet it was comforting not to have to deal with the fear factor.
We do have photos taken of him just after surgery but you don't want to see that!! His blanket was his only defense from the hundreds of nurses poking him day in and out!! They would walk in the room and he would say, "bye, bye" immediately. Even the cleaning guy got the boot!
This is what the incision looked like only 48 hours after surgery. God has giften many people in the medical field.
This was Mason last night just 52 or so hours post surgery in the playroom, running the halls, checking out everything in the halls. Still the nurses would greet him and he would say, "bye, bye" and he was off!
The hospital runs along a very busy street and Mason spent quite a little time last night and this morning checking for trucks and motorcycles!
We are home and so happy and pouring our praise out to the Lord for a successful surgery and week. Thanks for your love and prayers and support. Tonight Ben took Makenna and Miles to the swimming pool and Mason was right there with his suit ready to go - stinking doctor says he can't swim for 4 weeks!! Try to explain that to a 2 year old.


Anonymous said...

Thrilled that you all are home. I'm shouting it to the family now.
Give Mason a big kiss for me.

b smiles said...

Good grief! Have I really been gone that long? And could he be any cuter? We're praying that four weeks will fly.

:: Suzanne :: said...

4 weeks. OUCH!!

So glad that you are all home.