Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shes married...

Ben's sister tied the knot on Saturday in a beautiful garden in the backyard of a home in Lyons. The weather cooperated and things went off without a hitch. Hard to believe she is married. She is supposed to be seven years old and carrying a bouquet at my wedding - where did the time go. I am old.
The garden had this awesome lily pond and we got through the day without one of the kids taking a swim.
There were lot of places to discover in the yard and my kiddos found them all. Top to bottom: oldest to youngest.
The wedding party. Ben's youngest sister is in the yellow. I am so glad these photos posted I have tried all day.


:: Suzanne :: said...

great pics of your kids!!

Don Holmes said...

My how time flys. Which one of your kids is it that got married.
Just book marked your blog so will probably read it every day.

Uncle Don