Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Makenna at the water park (check Miles in the background).
Miles would like to skip school and go straight to being a truck driver!!

Last night Makenna had kindergarten open house and she was thrilled with the event. She got to visit with her teacher and see her classroom. She put all her school supplies away and found her table. She is counting down the days until school starts. Today I took Miles to his preschool pre-screening with his teacher. He was quick to tell her he has a big brain and then did a great job showing her his writing and speaking skills! He starts afternoon preschool next monday. The wheels are in motion - just gotta find all the school supplies we need.

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Emma or The Morem 5 said...

your kiddos are a-dorable!
so happy you have wonderful schools in your area, your blessed!
when i watched the boat video clip, i loved hearing your voice!
miss you,