Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photo update..

I really did take pictures the first day of school. Here are the results:
Makenna was thrilled that she gets to walk with her brother to school. He was equally thrilled which makes any parent happy. She did tell me today that he is mean to her on the way home sometimes - not so happy about that.
The walk to school is just two blocks so they pretty much walk rain or shine!!!
When we got to school Camden was quick to dump Makenna and me. (not cool to be seen with your mom- so I have no pics of him with his buddies!) Makenna has gone through 2 years of preschool and pre-kindergarten with this boy - they are good friends.
Our main babysitter is a senior this year -very sad for us!! Kiley stopped after school the first day and we took this kindergarten/senior photo! School is in full swing! Saturday is the first Husker game so fall has arrived!! Ben and Camden are going to the game and Camden is counting down the hours!

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